The Age of the Fad Diet

Fad Diets and Fab Diets

So what’s the difference between a fad diet and a fab diet and how can the average person be expected to tell what’s good and what’s bad. Diet books have always been plentiful, and the increasing number of celebrity endorsed diets has seen even more being published and sold but now the internet offers up even more to confuse and bewilder would be dieters.

a fad diet can be more damaging that not dieting at all

So how do you separate the good, the bad and the ugly? The positive thing about the plethora of bad and fad diets online at the moment is that you can’t really hide from bad publicity. If a particular diet is deemed as inappropriate and doesn’t offer or deliver what it promises then negative reviews can often destroy future marketing and sales plans.

The longevity of any weight loss plan will always be a great sign of it’s success. The big players such as Weight Watchers have stood the test of time and adapted to a changing, and more savvy marketplace that can access information much more freely than before. The age of ebooks, online seminars, diet forums and email can quickly capture and retain an audience much more successfully than a book or newspaper pullout.

a fad diet can be really bad for your health and work against weight loss

One of the bigger, more innovative online diet plans at the moment is the Fat Diminisher System that is delivered online by weight loss enthusiast and lifestyle convert Wesley Virgin. A great thing about the system is that he is proof that it works and a defining moment in his life led to him developing an exercise and diet system that would work for and be accessible to millions of people worldwide.

The Fat Diminisher focuses on making changes throughout your whole life, and not just in what you eat, and is a long term health and wellness plan that is a million miles away from being a fad diet.

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