Local SEO importance on Google

Local SEO is King

The online world is very much ruled by search engine optimisation and if this is done right then it can have a massive positive effect on where a business website appears in the search engine results pages. Local SEO is massive in making a success of your business online.

Local Search Engine Optimisation done right will help your business in local search results

So why is it important? Google. Plain and simple, Google pretty much govern how well your site will rank and their emphasis on the importance of local SEO cannot be overlooked. In the past few years they have been happy to admit that they are giving more and more credit to local businesses that their customers (and yours) are looking for. Giving Google what they want will always do more good than harm.

So how can you do this? What’s the big secret? Well there are a lot of small things that you can do to help your business website to really gain prominence in the local rankings. Searches are very much geographically biased now and being the stand out business of choice in your local area can be achieved with a few simple and straightforward tweaks of your online content.

To back this up you should let Google know about your business. This may seem obvious but getting your business name and contact details on ‘Google my Business’ will enable you to appear on both Google maps and also in the Snack Pack at the very top of the local search results. These appear just below the paid ads and above all the other sites that are ranking for your search terms.

Local SEO will help your rule the Google snack pack local rankings

Start to make your website for your customer and not for you. Mention where you are located in your website text and also the areas you operate in. It’s the simple things that the search index spiders will pick up on and enable the search engines to know just exactly what your site is about and where you operate. Get a few simple things right and you’ll shoot up the local rankings in no time.

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