Kids Scooters

Kids Scooters

Kids scooters have become increasingly prevalent on our streets and this can only be a great things as they’re an ideal way for children to get out and exercise. In the modern day when it’s hard enough to get children outside and away from their ipads, iphones and consoles it can only be seen as a positive that scooters are almost as popular as bikes for outdoor play.

The rise of kids scooters has seen numerous big name brands enter the arena and produce scooters for all age groups starting from as young as 2 or 3 right through to high end, professional scooters that can be used for the most extreme stunt riding and competition scootering. The accessibility and ease of use has helped push scooters right to the top of childrens wish lists.

Furthermore, due to their increasing frequency the amount of competition in the market has driven prices down and made them more and more affordable to parents. A lot of the major brands, such as Razor, Ozzbozz and Slider have a massive range on offer, with all the colours and styles to suit most boys and girls and even electric scooters for those not as mobile.

electric scooters for kids are great for those with limited mobility

You can even sit on an Electric Scooter!

At the younger end of the market their are a load of character themed scooters to appeal to the tastes and trends of the current time. The time spent watching Peppa Pig and Thomas the Tank Engine transcends onto 2 or 4 wheels with themed, musical scooters available from them and more more of the popular TV brands and film franchises.

Safety is always a massive concern for parents letting their children loose on a scooter for the first time bit there of loads of features and innovations that keep safety at the forefront of design, especially at the lower end of the market when control and stability are of paramount importance. These include reactive braking systems, wider footplates and thicker wheels.

Kids can pull off amazing tricks on stunt scooters

The best thing about kids scooters and scootering is that they can grow and evolve together. There’s always an upgrade available when the skill level suits one and they’ll continue to offer exercise and fun for our children for years to come.

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