Diamonds are a Mans Best Friend

Engagement Rings Don’t Scare Men Aymore

Buying an engagement ring used to be dreaded by men everywhere. Not only would they be pretty terrified by the cost but also by the even bigger fear of getting it wrong.

And the ways to get it wrong are plentiful. You can chose the wrong precious metal, the wrong style, the wrong type of diamond or other precious stone, or horror of horrors the wrong size! So after you’ve made sure you’ve got all that right how do you make sure you don’t do anything else wrong?

Buying engagement rings online got easier

Get the right ring or the right knee pads!

As with a lot of things in life, the internet has made it a lot easier. The plentiful number of high end jewellers who have made the trasition to selling online is comforting. Although this may be perceived as a purchase that can’t really be made online this really isn’t true. Now you may have never heard of the Asscher cut diamond or of cushion cut halo engagement rings but no need to worry – the internet is your friend.

A quick Google search will bring the virtual jeweller to your laptop or smartphone and advances in photography and video mean that the qualities of the rings can really be seen on screen. The old addage that you have to spend a months wageon an engagement ring doesn’t really apply anymore but the great thing is that the propinquity of online competition is driving prices down.

That’s not to say that you can’t spend thousands if you’d prefer (as the video above proves!) or if you really want to make the grandest of statements (and hope she doesn’t say “I’ll think about it!”). Diamonds have a class and clarity about them that exudes opulence and you can certainly get the very best if you’re willing to pay. Carats, quality, colour and clarity can be pretty much as individual and bespoke as you desire.

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