Want to Stop Smoking, Read This

The Book That Saves Lives

As long as people have been smoking, people have been trying to quit smoking. Medical science continues to warn smokers of the numerous detrimental effects of smoking and how it increases the chances of disease and shortens life. So with that in mind more and more methods an help to quit is at hand.

There has been a big increase in nicotine replacement products in the market and also the introduction of the ecig but there is a book that has been credited – quite fairly – with saving millions of lives around the globe due to it’s unique and effective methodology for quitting smoking.

Stop smoking and live a healthier life

The book, Allen Carrs Easy Way to Stop Smoking, has sold millions of copies globally and introduces smokers to an empowering and low pressure alternative to medicinal products and sheer will power. The book itself introduces the concept of breaking down the reasons not to quit and slowly dismissing them one by one as you carry on through the book. It is a piece of writing from a 100 a day smoker, Allen Carr (who sadly died from lung cancer) who has taken his experience and expertise to leave a lasting legacy to benefit potential quitters each and every day.

The book is used by different people in different ways. It speaks to each individual in its own way without being condescending or patronising. The ultimate goal of the book is obviously that you have stopped smoking by the end of it but it works on the concept of longevity and encourages readers to analyse why they smoke and more importantly why they shouldn’t.

You’ll never be able to stop smoking without willpower and most people will admit to that. The difficulty comes in the long term and turning the days into weeks and the weeks into months etc – a permanent solution. Many people who read the book are surprised at how successful it is but can sometimes not quite put their finger on why it is so successful. It’s a self help book that really is there to help you improve your life and significantly lengthen it too!

Help is out there to help you quit smoking