Can Betting be a Legitimate Business

Can you Bet for a Living?

The chances are that when you were at school your careers advisor didn’t suggest that when you grew up you coud be a professional gambler. If they did then maybe they too were making money alongside their “proper” job, supplementing their income with sports betting.

The sports betting industry is a massive global industry. The last 10 years have seen a tremendous increase in revenue largely due to smart phones and the internet making betting easier and more accessible than ever. It is without a doubt easier than ever to make a bet.

Online sports betting is much more accessible due to the internet and smart phones

A Big Phone for a Big Bet!

With the rise of betting there has also come a rise in competiton, particularly from the online bookmakers and it seems that many are exploiting this perceived generosity to make a full time income from sports betting. Matched betting can be interpreted in a coupe of different ways.

The first one comes in the form of an online bookmaker offering to match an initial deposit from a customer. This, in the example of bet365 can be up to £200. These bets are usually matched as free bets though and will not include the stake amount in any returns – a small point that maybe isn’t always as clear as it could be. These offers are pretty much across the board and can be seen being advertised all over social media and TV adverts with an alarming frequency.

The more long term success of matched betting however comes from essentially playing one bookmaker off against another to ensure that these free bets become risk free. This is acheived through the use of a matched betting calculator that works out how to successfully play 2 bets with opposite outcomes that ensure you lose as little as possible in order to qulaify for the free bet offered.

The initial introductory offer can often be followed up with daily and weekly special promotions that will allow a potential bettor to place a number of risk free bets to allow them to then profit from the free bets that they earn. If you mutiply this system against the number of bookies out there – all battling for your custom – then this can quickly become a very viable business opportunity.

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