A Diamond in all Shapes and Sizes

Diamond Cuts and Shapes

Diamonds are an incredibly versatile precious stone, and although you obviously need an expert to do the cutting they really do offer the ability to be crafted to suit most personal tastes. The shape of the diamond, alternatively known as the cut has been evolved over the centuries to enable this precious stone to display light in the most brilliant and attractive way possible.

Popular diamond cuts include the round and Asscher cut

The Brilliance can be Enhanced by the Cut

Different cuts have made their way into popular culture some having been around for over a century and more that have just been designed in the latter part of the 21st century and beyond.

The titles of diamond cuts, or at least the more popular ones , are: Round, Princess, Emerald, Asscher, Pear, Radiant, Oval, Cushion, Heart, Marquise and Trillion.

Many of the design are favoured in the jewellery industry in the production of both engagement and wedding rings as well as high end necklaces and ear rings.

The heart cut is an obvious, yet not cliche choice for a wedding ring design and this shape, and the curve and finish can be mastered to produce a spectacular sparkle – definitely one to impress the wedding guests!

The Asscher cut gained popularity back in the early parts of the 20th century as is a shape that has a rich history, begun and continued by the Asscher family, in Amsterdam, after whom the shape is named. The design has been brought back into mainstream jewellery sales, whilst retaining its patented art deco appeal, by A-list celebrities such as Kate Hudson and Jessica Alba proudly adorning an Asscher cut engagement ring.

The most popular diamond cut though remains the round shape. This is due to its simplistic design and brilliance but also due to the fact that it has been researched and improved more than any other design so it offers reflective brilliance that has been built on the foundations of mathematical and scientific theory.

The other shapes all offer their own unique nuances and quality that emphasise just how flexible and beautiful this most precious of stone is and the jewellery design options it presents can be stunning – without having to break the bank.

Want to Stop Smoking, Read This

The Book That Saves Lives

As long as people have been smoking, people have been trying to quit smoking. Medical science continues to warn smokers of the numerous detrimental effects of smoking and how it increases the chances of disease and shortens life. So with that in mind more and more methods an help to quit is at hand.

There has been a big increase in nicotine replacement products in the market and also the introduction of the ecig but there is a book that has been credited – quite fairly – with saving millions of lives around the globe due to it’s unique and effective methodology for quitting smoking.

Stop smoking and live a healthier life

The book, Allen Carrs Easy Way to Stop Smoking, has sold millions of copies globally and introduces smokers to an empowering and low pressure alternative to medicinal products and sheer will power. The book itself introduces the concept of breaking down the reasons not to quit and slowly dismissing them one by one as you carry on through the book. It is a piece of writing from a 100 a day smoker, Allen Carr (who sadly died from lung cancer) who has taken his experience and expertise to leave a lasting legacy to benefit potential quitters each and every day.

The book is used by different people in different ways. It speaks to each individual in its own way without being condescending or patronising. The ultimate goal of the book is obviously that you have stopped smoking by the end of it but it works on the concept of longevity and encourages readers to analyse why they smoke and more importantly why they shouldn’t.

You’ll never be able to stop smoking without willpower and most people will admit to that. The difficulty comes in the long term and turning the days into weeks and the weeks into months etc – a permanent solution. Many people who read the book are surprised at how successful it is but can sometimes not quite put their finger on why it is so successful. It’s a self help book that really is there to help you improve your life and significantly lengthen it too!

Help is out there to help you quit smoking

Can Betting be a Legitimate Business

Can you Bet for a Living?

The chances are that when you were at school your careers advisor didn’t suggest that when you grew up you coud be a professional gambler. If they did then maybe they too were making money alongside their “proper” job, supplementing their income with sports betting.

The sports betting industry is a massive global industry. The last 10 years have seen a tremendous increase in revenue largely due to smart phones and the internet making betting easier and more accessible than ever. It is without a doubt easier than ever to make a bet.

Online sports betting is much more accessible due to the internet and smart phones

A Big Phone for a Big Bet!

With the rise of betting there has also come a rise in competiton, particularly from the online bookmakers and it seems that many are exploiting this perceived generosity to make a full time income from sports betting. Matched betting can be interpreted in a coupe of different ways.

The first one comes in the form of an online bookmaker offering to match an initial deposit from a customer. This, in the example of bet365 can be up to £200. These bets are usually matched as free bets though and will not include the stake amount in any returns – a small point that maybe isn’t always as clear as it could be. These offers are pretty much across the board and can be seen being advertised all over social media and TV adverts with an alarming frequency.

The more long term success of matched betting however comes from essentially playing one bookmaker off against another to ensure that these free bets become risk free. This is acheived through the use of a matched betting calculator that works out how to successfully play 2 bets with opposite outcomes that ensure you lose as little as possible in order to qulaify for the free bet offered.

The initial introductory offer can often be followed up with daily and weekly special promotions that will allow a potential bettor to place a number of risk free bets to allow them to then profit from the free bets that they earn. If you mutiply this system against the number of bookies out there – all battling for your custom – then this can quickly become a very viable business opportunity.

Diamonds are a Mans Best Friend

Engagement Rings Don’t Scare Men Aymore

Buying an engagement ring used to be dreaded by men everywhere. Not only would they be pretty terrified by the cost but also by the even bigger fear of getting it wrong.

And the ways to get it wrong are plentiful. You can chose the wrong precious metal, the wrong style, the wrong type of diamond or other precious stone, or horror of horrors the wrong size! So after you’ve made sure you’ve got all that right how do you make sure you don’t do anything else wrong?

Buying engagement rings online got easier

Get the right ring or the right knee pads!

As with a lot of things in life, the internet has made it a lot easier. The plentiful number of high end jewellers who have made the trasition to selling online is comforting. Although this may be perceived as a purchase that can’t really be made online this really isn’t true. Now you may have never heard of the Asscher cut diamond or of cushion cut halo engagement rings but no need to worry – the internet is your friend.

A quick Google search will bring the virtual jeweller to your laptop or smartphone and advances in photography and video mean that the qualities of the rings can really be seen on screen. The old addage that you have to spend a months wageon an engagement ring doesn’t really apply anymore but the great thing is that the propinquity of online competition is driving prices down.

That’s not to say that you can’t spend thousands if you’d prefer (as the video above proves!) or if you really want to make the grandest of statements (and hope she doesn’t say “I’ll think about it!”). Diamonds have a class and clarity about them that exudes opulence and you can certainly get the very best if you’re willing to pay. Carats, quality, colour and clarity can be pretty much as individual and bespoke as you desire.

Local SEO importance on Google

Local SEO is King

The online world is very much ruled by search engine optimisation and if this is done right then it can have a massive positive effect on where a business website appears in the search engine results pages. Local SEO is massive in making a success of your business online.

Local Search Engine Optimisation done right will help your business in local search results

So why is it important? Google. Plain and simple, Google pretty much govern how well your site will rank and their emphasis on the importance of local SEO cannot be overlooked. In the past few years they have been happy to admit that they are giving more and more credit to local businesses that their customers (and yours) are looking for. Giving Google what they want will always do more good than harm.

So how can you do this? What’s the big secret? Well there are a lot of small things that you can do to help your business website to really gain prominence in the local rankings. Searches are very much geographically biased now and being the stand out business of choice in your local area can be achieved with a few simple and straightforward tweaks of your online content.

To back this up you should let Google know about your business. This may seem obvious but getting your business name and contact details on ‘Google my Business’ will enable you to appear on both Google maps and also in the Snack Pack at the very top of the local search results. These appear just below the paid ads and above all the other sites that are ranking for your search terms.

Local SEO will help your rule the Google snack pack local rankings

Start to make your website for your customer and not for you. Mention where you are located in your website text and also the areas you operate in. It’s the simple things that the search index spiders will pick up on and enable the search engines to know just exactly what your site is about and where you operate. Get a few simple things right and you’ll shoot up the local rankings in no time.

The Age of the Fad Diet

Fad Diets and Fab Diets

So what’s the difference between a fad diet and a fab diet and how can the average person be expected to tell what’s good and what’s bad. Diet books have always been plentiful, and the increasing number of celebrity endorsed diets has seen even more being published and sold but now the internet offers up even more to confuse and bewilder would be dieters.

a fad diet can be more damaging that not dieting at all

So how do you separate the good, the bad and the ugly? The positive thing about the plethora of bad and fad diets online at the moment is that you can’t really hide from bad publicity. If a particular diet is deemed as inappropriate and doesn’t offer or deliver what it promises then negative reviews can often destroy future marketing and sales plans.

The longevity of any weight loss plan will always be a great sign of it’s success. The big players such as Weight Watchers have stood the test of time and adapted to a changing, and more savvy marketplace that can access information much more freely than before. The age of ebooks, online seminars, diet forums and email can quickly capture and retain an audience much more successfully than a book or newspaper pullout.

a fad diet can be really bad for your health and work against weight loss

One of the bigger, more innovative online diet plans at the moment is the Fat Diminisher System that is delivered online by weight loss enthusiast and lifestyle convert Wesley Virgin. A great thing about the system is that he is proof that it works and a defining moment in his life led to him developing an exercise and diet system that would work for and be accessible to millions of people worldwide.

The Fat Diminisher focuses on making changes throughout your whole life, and not just in what you eat, and is a long term health and wellness plan that is a million miles away from being a fad diet.

Kids Scooters

Kids Scooters

Kids scooters have become increasingly prevalent on our streets and this can only be a great things as they’re an ideal way for children to get out and exercise. In the modern day when it’s hard enough to get children outside and away from their ipads, iphones and consoles it can only be seen as a positive that scooters are almost as popular as bikes for outdoor play.

The rise of kids scooters has seen numerous big name brands enter the arena and produce scooters for all age groups starting from as young as 2 or 3 right through to high end, professional scooters that can be used for the most extreme stunt riding and competition scootering. The accessibility and ease of use has helped push scooters right to the top of childrens wish lists.

Furthermore, due to their increasing frequency the amount of competition in the market has driven prices down and made them more and more affordable to parents. A lot of the major brands, such as Razor, Ozzbozz and Slider have a massive range on offer, with all the colours and styles to suit most boys and girls and even electric scooters for those not as mobile.

electric scooters for kids are great for those with limited mobility

You can even sit on an Electric Scooter!

At the younger end of the market their are a load of character themed scooters to appeal to the tastes and trends of the current time. The time spent watching Peppa Pig and Thomas the Tank Engine transcends onto 2 or 4 wheels with themed, musical scooters available from them and more more of the popular TV brands and film franchises.

Safety is always a massive concern for parents letting their children loose on a scooter for the first time bit there of loads of features and innovations that keep safety at the forefront of design, especially at the lower end of the market when control and stability are of paramount importance. These include reactive braking systems, wider footplates and thicker wheels.

Kids can pull off amazing tricks on stunt scooters

The best thing about kids scooters and scootering is that they can grow and evolve together. There’s always an upgrade available when the skill level suits one and they’ll continue to offer exercise and fun for our children for years to come.